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Lists of places

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Here is a list of places on Earth, based on specific categories.

General lists of places


Lists of countries

List of countries by name, by capital, by government.
by area
by continent
by country code
Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) two-letter
International Olympic Committee (IOC) three-letter
Internet TLDs
ISO 3166-1 two and three-letter
ITU country calling numbers
by name
by national capital
by official language
by population
by population density
by time zone
List of oil-producing states
List of flags
List of regions
List of territorial disputes
List of active autonomist and secessionist movements

Dependent areas

List of dependent territories
List of subnational entities
Table of administrative country subdivisions by country


List of extinct countries, empires, etc.
List of micronations


List of city listings by country
List of national capitals by name (present and past)
List of capitals and larger cities by country
List of current and former capital cities within U.S. states
List of metropolitan areas by population
List of the world's most populous cities
List of cities in India
List of planned cities
List of city nicknames in the United States
List of towns
List of places in London
List of Brooklyn, New York neighborhoods
List of Manhattan, New York neighborhoods
List of urban studies topics
List of named ethnic enclaves in North American cities

List of sites

List of abbeys and priories
Northern Ireland
Isle of Man
List of cathedrals
List of churches and cathedrals of London
List of Shinto shrines
List of aquaria
List of botanical gardens
List of buildings
List of largest suspension bridges
List of castles
Lists of cemeteries by country
List of reservoirs and dams
List of gardens
List of historic houses
List of hospitals
List of museums
List of museum ships
List of Japanese landmarks
List of public outdoor clothes free places
List of skyscrapers
Tall buildings in London
Tall buildings in Melbourne
List of spa towns
List of United States military bases
List of mean centers of U.S. population during the 20th century
List of walls
List of waterfalls
List of World Heritage Sites
List of zoos

Man-made geographical features


Natural geographical features


Lists of places in a country


Lists of places in a state or city


Lists of places by name etymology


Other lists of places


Extraterrestrial features/regions

List of mountains on Venus
List of mountains on Mars
List of mountains on Io
List of craters on Venus
List of craters on Mars
List of craters on Europa
List of craters on Ganymede
List of craters on Callisto
Phobos (moon)#Named geological features
Deimos (moon)#Named geological features
List of valleys on the Moon

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