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Mademoiselle Charlotte

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Mademoiselle Charlotte is a loa who manifests with the commonly perceived personality traits of a white woman in Haitian Vodou.[1] Appearances in Voodoo ceremonies are rare,[1] possibly as a result of her non-African origin.[1] According to tradition, both Mademoiselle Charlotte and Dinclinsin came to Haiti with the colonists and only began appearing in ceremonies at that time.[1]

Mademoiselle Charlotte prefers the strict observance of all the niceties of ritual protocol.[1] She generally speaks French[1] and will grant the ability to speak that language to a "horse" with no knowledge of it during the time in which she manifests.[1] Mademoiselle Charlotte is served in a manner similar to that of Erzulie.[1] She enjoys sweet rose-, blue-, white-, or cream-colored beverages, water sweetened with syrup, any type of non-alcoholic liqueurs, clairin, and acassan (a drink consisting of boiled cornmeal sweetened with highly refined cane juice).[1] She prefers the tender meat of young chickens as her ritual food offering.[1] Her color is rose.[1] Her services are difficult to obtain as she only works for people to whom she takes a fancy.[1]


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